Digital Natives 2018-…

Technology has made a big change for the new generations. It became a very popular topic for psychologists and sociologists, as well. That resulted in the use of labels such as ‘digital native’, ‘the net generation’, ‘Google generation’, ‘The Millennials’.

The series of portraits “Digital Natives” is my work in progress, which I started in November 2018. My focus is on children between 7 and 10 years of age, the age when children don’t create their social media profiles yet and they still don’t have their social network identity.

I take photographs of them in a very traditional style. There’s nothing spectacular in my visual approach – this manner of studio photography already exists for some 150 years. But what I seem to find interesting is to show the new generation without any elements that could define them as digital natives (smartphones, tablets and computers). The kids I portray are not dressed in today’s fashion style, they look pretty much serious – but not because they are sad, but because they are free to act in their natural way and to stay in their natural mood.